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Sustainability Policy

It is no news that the concern with sustainability is part of the routine of today's business leaders. And at KAR Group is not different: the ideas and concepts of sustainable development that have emerged intensely in the corporate world over recent decades were incorporated into the principles of KAR Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).

With respect to this new logic of operations for companies, all of the teams’ practices, whether in Kurdistan or Iraq, follow some standard policies. This is because KAR knows that it is only possible to continue along the path toward Survival, Growth and Perpetuity if all dimensions of sustainability are considered.

As a result, the practice of sustainable development at the Organization currently extends beyond the three conventional pillars – economic, social and environmental – adopted by most corporations. At KAR, this commitment also involves support for the formation of increasingly prosperous communities, with incentives toward local cultural diversity and the defence of social interests.

In this sense, the KAR Group’s Sustainability Policy is based on four different dimensions:

  • Economic Development
  • Social Development
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Recognition of Culture

At all of the Organization’s companies, the idea is the same: the growth and success of the business must be tied to the sustainable development of communities.

Economic Development

The KAR GROUP is committed to ensuring the progress and economic development of its Clients, Shareholders, Members and society. Considered a pillar of the Organization’s Sustainability Policy, the generation of economic return for the population results from the work of teams oriented to serve, evolve and constantly surpass results. In all of the regions and countries in which it operates, Members and Leaders are also considered agents of local economic prosperity, granted that they provide services and elaborate the products necessary for the development of the communities. In this sense, KAR has earned a name as an organization that favours the generation of foreign currency, direct and indirect job opportunities and business prospects for small, medium and large companies. Furthermore, the KAR teams seek to invent and develop technological innovations, both to resolve the challenges inherent to their processes as well as to research new raw materials. These technological advances are also transformed into progress for the communities. After all, knowledge is disseminated to Members and the innovations contribute directly toward the sustainable development of the communities in which KAR operates.

Social Development

For KAR, serving Clients and communities extends far beyond creating direct job opportunities and generating income. Among all of the Organization’s companies, the commitment to the social sustainability of the regions and countries in which it operates also involves efforts to improve the quality of life of the population and that of its future generations. In this sense, the KAR Group is committed to ensuring the personal and professional development and social productive inclusion of the population of the regions in which it is present. Its social operations are based on three pillars:

  • Strengthening of citizenship and governance.
  • Promotion of education for children and youth and the formation of professional character for adults.
  • Promotion of productive initiatives that generate job opportunities and income.

Keep it Clean & Green

As energy demands increase, so does environmental concern for controlling contaminants released in processing. Climate change is a real, global concern and KAR Oil & Gas is working to provide sustainable technologies and chemistries to help meet increasing regulations in controlling contaminants and emissions, while helping operations run more efficiently, environmentally friendly and cost effectively. For KAR, the middle east's environmental concerns have become part of our Sustainability Goals for 2016. Each of these goals is carefully designed to help both our customers and us take the proper steps to create the right products and processes to protect our planet now and for future generations. Our sustainability goals currently include:

  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Breakthrough to World Challenges
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Contributing to Community Success
  • Product Safety Leadership
  • Local Protection of Human Health and the Environment

Producing O2

Our amine technologies can help control and reduce emissions and improve overall energy efficiency in refining operations. With our Management Program, receive ongoing support from our technical service team. Use less product, resulting in overall cost- and energy-savings. While many of our innovations can help reach and recover more oil from tertiary operations, our sustainable capture technologies help recover and also reduce CO2 emissions in areas such as alternate fuel applications, sequestering it underground rather than releasing it to the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency

With new regulations regarding the improvement of energy efficiency at power plants already in place in many countries, Dow is ready to take the lead by focusing its chemistry expertise, using our enhanced oil recovery technologies, to help plants capture, decontaminate and transform CO2 into additional energy resources.

Recycling your CO2


In general, biofuels can decrease a variety of emissions. Dow Oil & Gas will work closely with you to recommend sustainable methods and technologies that enhance the recycling of CO2 for biofuels. Contributing toward the cultural development of a community means guaranteeing that its customs and collective identity are perpetuated for future generations. When it arrives to a region, KAR is not only thinking about its projects and developments. The companies also develop actions designed to meet the cultural demands and disseminate the artistic practices of the local population. Investing in initiatives, projects and cultural sponsorship actions, KAR promotes society's cultural evolution through practices that foster the preservation and propagation of memory. However, this incentive toward culture does not stop at the communities. All of the cultural diversity of these populations is also a part of the Organization itself. People of different origins, ethnicities, traditions and beliefs are a part of the companies and KAR work environments in Kurdistan and IRAQ.

Brighter Kurdistan

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