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Gas Pipeline


In 2008 , KAR was assigned to construct the project of 20"gas pipeline from kormor gas treatment station to Erbil power plant passing through Bazian power station with a total length of 187km in mostly rocky mountainous terrains and crossing several rivers and valleys. The work consisted mainly of the following:

  1. A complete thorough survey of pipeline route.
  2. Investigations on the effects of the gas pipeline route on the environmental, ecological and safety requirements since the pipeline is crossing various inhabited areas.
  3. Execution of a service road and a pipeline trench from kormor to Erbil power plant through Bazian-Chemchemal with a length of 180km.
  4. Performing all the construction activities of the Erbil-Bazian pipeline works of 80km, including stringing, welding, coating, lowering, cathodic protection, valve station installations, tie-ins, river crossing, valley crossing.
  5. Installation of residential camps for the project employees.

All a/m works were executed by KAR employees and were marked with high accuracy , precision and reliability which was a main factor to complete the project in the contract period of 6 months adopting a fast track policy.


The gas pipeline extending from Erbil to Duhok is one of the major strategic projects that KAR Company executing .The project is performed on the basis of EPC (ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT & CONSTRUCTION) method and consists of a 187km of 24"&36" pipelines transporting gas from Erbil power station to Duhok power station. The project consist of performing all basic and detail design requirements and the supply of materials, and the construction works which includes but not limited to all mechanical and civil works in addition to remote communication system and the cathodic protection. Work started in 1st quarter of 2012.


Kar KAR Company performing the execution of this project on basis of EPC, which includes mainly the construction of a 20"x81 km crude oil pipeline carrying crude oil from taq-taq oil fields to the complex station of khurmala consisting of all mechanical works of welding, stringing, lowering in addition to trenching besides the installation of the pumping station and the communication and cathodic protection system. Work started in 1st quarter of 2012.


This project was performed in coordination with PARSONS GROUP for the benefit of NOC. Many companies apologized from executing this project due to the unsettled safety conditions in that area and to the large size of the pipes, but KAR management insisted on completing this project in spite of all these obstacles which was a clear indication and proof of KAR group determination and willingness to achieve their commitments. The project consisted of two phases:

Civil works for the excavation of three horizontal tunnels beneath three irrigation channels with depths variation from 1-6 m.

All mechanical works related to the installation of the 40" pipeline consisting of 145 tie-ins and performing the radiography of all joints, and coating and lowering to the trench , and then passing the pipe through the three tunnels prior to the hydrostatic test and doing the backfilling at the final stage.

The works also included the installation of valves 40" in size inside pits prepared for this purpose.

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