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Khurmala Oilfield

KAR Company considered as the 1st local Company in Iraq that contributed in the pursuance of oil projects in Iraq when it signed a contract with ministry of oil (SCOP) to accomplish KHURMAL OIL FIELD which islocated between Erbil & Kirkuk with a total cost of 135M USD, in cooperation with AVRASYA (TURKEY) & DPS (UK). The scope of the work included all engineering design, manufacturing, procurement and supply of all equipment, vessels, electrical systems, instrumentation and control. The project was accomplished to the highest acceptable standards according to the internationally recognized codes and from best rated manufacturers worldwide.


In 2008, the ministry of natural resources (MNR) of KRG assigned to Kar group the task of installing, connecting and operating the surface facilities of khurmala oil field for the purpose of feeding Erbil refinery with the crude oil through a 20" x40km pipeline and also to supply a part of the crude oil produced to the national export pipelines. KAR Company also achieved the maintenance works for the existing oil well heads since these were covered completely by domes of sand and suffered some damages. The work was accomplished in a high quality and efficiency.

This project is considered one of the strategic oil projects for which KAR Group has taken the responsibility for its execution, providing for this purpose all requirements for design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance in order to achieve the goals of oil production and process operations which are necessary to provide the nationally acceptable specifications and standards for the purposes of refinery operation and export.

Project components:

Oil Wells: With total number of (71) oil wells, these are spread across the field and are connected with piping that transport the oil to three collecting stations, with (20-24) oil well per station.

Flow Lines: each pipe is 6" in diameter and starts from the well-head and extends to reach the manifold at the collecting stations. The total length of flow lines (collectively) is about (100) km.

Collecting Stations: there are three collecting stations, namely; the South Station, The Middle Station and the North Station (named in relation to their geographical bearing on the field). Each of these stations contains a manifold which is equipped with valves used for emergency and normal shutdown, in addition to pressure and control gauges, test separator, etc…

Trunk Lines: there are three trunk lines with a diameter of (20"), which start from the collecting stations and end at the Central Process Station (CPS). They run underground and transport oil to CPS for separation procedure. Total length of trunk lines is (33) km.

Central Process Station (CPS): There are several operations that run in this station, including gas and water separation from oil transported from the three collecting stations. After the separation procedure, the oil is ready to be refined and exported. Also, Wet crude oil is processed, dehydrated, desalted and compressed in order to be used as fuel for the Power Plant Station. The CPS contains tanks for storing oil, water for fire-fighting and potable water, management and service buildings, substation and control building, oil pump station to transport oil to the refinery and for export, separators, turbine generators, storage and workshops, wet crude system and oil desalter, as well as pipe networks (oil, water, fire-fighting and drainage), and trenches and trays for control and electricity cables.

Export Line: transports crude oil from CPS (after gas and water separation). Starts from CPS and ends at the South Station where it is connected with the flow line heading towards the pump station of North Oil Company. It is 20" in diameter and 8.5 km long.

Main Line: starts from CPS, and transports crude oil (after gas and water separation) to Erbil Refinery. The Main Line is 20" in diameter and (40) km long. It runs underground.

Date of the Contract: KAR Group started its activities on October, 2008.

Phases of the Project:

The project went through the following phases:

Phase 1: Started in October 2008 and ended in June 2009. Amount of oil pumped to Erbil Refinery during this phase amounted to (18000-20000) B/D. The following data indicate the size of manpower during this phase :

  • Total of (350000) man/hours.
  • Total of personnel (including engineers, technicians and experts) working at the peak of work
  • The construction of the following was achieved during this phase:
  • Middle Station (M.S.), North Station (N.S.) and CPS.
  • Trunk lines from M.S. and N.S. to CPS.

Phase 2a: Started with the end of phase -1 and ended in May 2011. Quantity of oil pumped was doubled during this phase. The following works were executed in this phase:

  • Manifold and test separator in South Station (S.S).
  • Trunk line: S.S. to CPS.
  • Export line: CPS to S.S.
  • Additional flow lines.
  • Oil flow tank and water tank in CPS.
  • Four production separators in CPS.
  • Piping: oil, fire water and potable water in CPS.
  • DCS- Control System.
  • Installing firefighting systems by CO2 in Substation and Control buildings.
  • Additionally, the below data show the manpower involved during this stage:
  • Total working hours amounted to 1,130000 man/hour.
  • Total of personnel (including engineers, technicians and experts) working at the peak of work amounted to (1000) man/day, while the average daily work reached (560) man/day.

Phase 2b: this phase started in May, 2011 and it is still ongoing. It is expected to complete at end of 2012.

This phase includes the following works:

  • Construction of service and administration buildings.
  • Steel sheds for gas compressors and gas turbine generators.
  • Installing wet crude treatment, oily water treatment, gas dehydration and gas sweetening units.
  • Installing gas turbine compressors.
  • Installing gas turbine generators.
  • Additional oil tanks.
  • Open drain and closed drain systems.
  • Equipment foundations, and electrical and instrument works.
  • Miscellaneous works, including camp enlargement, medical and recreation centers.

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