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Al Manafith

Al-Manafith Company for Land Transportation and Construction Ltd. was established to undertake the transportation of humanitarian goods into Iraq during the sanctions period in cooperation with several other Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in neighboring Countries.

The head office of the Company is situated in Baghdad and the Company has provided its Transportation services to most of the Iraqi governorates.

We have branches in Samawa, Basrah, and Erbil also.

The activities of the Company have extended to enter into the construction and contracting sector according to the actual needs of the surroundings and environment.

Al-Manafith Company has taken a good role in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the new Iraq whereby our Company executed successfully a large number of projects in the following sectors:

  • The construction of 16 different Veterinary Clinics in 7 different governorates.
  • The Construction of 3 health centers and clinics in Falluja, Baghdad and Kirkuk.
  • The Construction of 4 Schools and Youth Centers in Hilla, Basrah, Eskandarya and Mussayab.
  • The Construction of 5 Court House, Soccer stadiums and Public Libraries in Hilla, Najaf, Mandali and Kut.

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