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Raz for General Contracting

Raz Company was founded in February 2004 as a limited company which is specialized in the fields of general contracting (Building, Construction, Roads & Bridges, Construction of Swimming Pools, Construction of Olympic Stadiums and Sport Centers) and various mechanical works and engineering projects.

Raz has played an active role in the reconstruction projects of Iraq where its activities were not limited to a certain region or area in Iraq but extended to all regions, even the most unstable areas. Security threats and challenges did not prevent Raz from completing the projects and fulfilling its obligations even in the hottest areas.

The diversity of size and type of projects which were executed by Raz reflects its principle and objectives in (providing the best and most modern and distinguished construction modes and adopting the highest international engineering standards and specifications) and to achieve this, Raz company has successfully executed big projects compared to its history and available resources. 

In the field of reconstruction of Iraq our company has executed a lot of projects such as:

  • In Kirkuk: reconstruction of a large number of veterinary clinics.
  • In Erbil, were the Headquarters of the company are: the construction of women Olympic sports complex.
  • In Sulaimaniya: the execution of a number of large construction projects and providing engineering services.
  • In the field of trade, supply and delivery, our company has made business with some American companies for the supply of foodstuffs and crops to the Iraqi ministry of trade.
  • Raz has a special engineering and design department supported by a number of professional engineers with rich practical experience in various engineering disciplines. This department is devoted for the preparation of tenders, maps and designs for engineering projects.
  • For the planning, control, management and follow-up of projects, Raz Company has a special department which is responsible for the planning, working of time schedules and control and follow-up of the various engineering projects. Industrial safety, quality control and environmental protection are being applied by our company to all projects according to the international standards and specifications.



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